Thursday, September 6, 2007

Extremely Happy With the Colors

Now that the painters are wrapping up, I'm really liking the color, despite its name. They painted the highlight color on the porch and windows today, and they touched up some other spots.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cold Hardy Palms

I wanted a low-maintenance landscape, and we're close to the beach here, so I've decided to put in a variety of cold hardy palms in what will be beds front of the house. There are several that survive fine here, and palm trees are starting to show up all over town, even at the Arby's. No one ever talks about the benefits of global warming. I'm hoping sloths or something show up in my trees eventually.

This morning I went to Lowes for some spray paint, and this sago palm was on clearance. I didn't have my truck, so I shoved it into my car. Sally's learning to live with these things.

Before and Almost After

Here's a shot of the house before I closed on it (in white), and here's another shot I took last night. No one is allowed to comment that it looked better before, not even behind my back.

Painters are moving along

I was a little worried because the main color on the house (something called "Ponytail," but let's not talk about it) looked lighter and more yellow than I thought it would. It is a little closer to the interior color than I wanted. Anyhow, just this morning Ray showed me a preview of what the highlight color will look like, and it really seems to make a difference. The highlight color is dark chocolate brown, and it will be used on the window sashes, the porch floors, and the concrete toppers to the brick piers and stairs. You can catch a glimpse of the haint blue I'm using on the porch ceilings in the top picture.

In the bottom picture, Sally is staring murderously over my shoulder at a squirrel in a tree.