Monday, August 27, 2007

Finally some color

Ray and his painting partner have been scraping the siding for 10 days now. They finally got the priming done over the weekend. One of them started putting a little color on the siding (probably just to get me to shut up), and the other started work on the trim. I insisted on gloss trim and satin for the siding, even though they both wanted to tone it down a notch. In one of these pictures, you can see a few of the various colors I've tried out this summer.

I ended up with probably the most boring choice other than yet another coat of white, but in the end, it is all I felt comfortable with. The dark chocolate highlight color and haint blue porch ceilings will counteract some of the hum-drum-ness of the body color. I think its going to look terrific.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Walk & Driveway

This summer I created a new walkway out front of the house, and I created a new driveway that stretches about halfway back in the space of the former driveway.

I cut landscaping timbers into 1-foot pieces, then burried them 6-inches deep in a trough, then poured in Quickcrete to secure the pieces. Finally, I had 8 tons of local pebbles delivered. It was about 102 the day I went to pick out the type of pebbles I wanted. Anyhow, I think it all came out nice looking.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer of Color Waffling

I have been all over the place this summer trying to decide on a color scheme for the exterior of the house. I couldn't schedule the painters to come until last week, so I had months to think about it, bug my friends, bug random passers-by, and perhaps most of all, bug the ever-patient Joseph at Sherwin-Williams.

In the end, I sampled 12 different colors, taking advantage of their Colors-To-Go $5 quarts of paint. As of right this very minute, I am back to where I began, with Roycroft Copper Red for the body, white or cream trim, and Roycroft Bottle Green (very dark) for the highlight color.

Here's a picture of the house mid-prep. The guys have been scraping and sanding all week in really terrible heat.