Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Too blue?

(Note: The top two pictures were taken this afternoon. The bottom picture is the way the bathroom looked on Dec. 1.)

I really didn't mean for the bathroom to be this blue... or anywhere close to this blue. Once I got a patch of it done, I thought, "Well, maybe once the wainscoating is white it'll be better." I'm still not sure the blue is ok or even not-ridiculous, but it is starting to grow on me. I think by the end of the week I might actually like it. I have a rough history choosing paint colors, so who knows.

So far, Lyndal and Christina said that they loved the color, but Chris, the first other guy to see it, really hated it. He rarely says something critical about the house (except when he spotted a gigantic cockroach running for cover under the TV, a situation that has been completely and thoroughly eliminated... thanks Terminix), but he told me, "Dude, this is way too blue" in the same overly-serious tone of voice you use to say things like, "Don't move. There's a tarantula on your shoulder."

No matter your opinion of the blue, you have to admit that the bathroom has come a long way.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kitchen and Bath Coming Along

I continue to peck away at the kitchen and bath. I've now officially gone past my original time budget by a week (and counting), and there's not much left in my original financial budget, but neither front is a disaster.
My friend Chris helped me on Monday with the cabinets. The best word I can think of to describe the way Ikea cabinets get put together is "kooky." I'm as impressed as I am befuddled because it really seems like either Dr. Seuss or a mad scientist (engineer?) designed the stuff. Most of it seems overly-complex in its design, and forget about getting much help out of the pictures-only instructions. Either way, once you catch on to its vibe, it all starts to make sense.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Putting in kitchen cabinets

Hans and I started putting together the Ikea kitchen cabinets last night. We even had time to install the two wall cabinets. In the picture you can note Chris and Tom supervising from the pool table.

Despite its inherent wierdness, I'm impressed with the ingenious design of these pre-fab cabinets, and I think they look terrific. Of course, they're not as nice as custom, but they're practically free, and again, they look terrific.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Back on Line

It started out as a busy week at the house, but then I got a cold and lost steam.

I'm almost at the point of thinking it is never going to end, but really, there's not that much to go. This week, Rick brought a couple of friends by to help move most of the furniture into the house, and the pool table was delivered and installed. I bought a decommisioned coin operated table that had been in a local bar.

Also, an electrician came in and helped with some wiring and upgrades. I had planned to install the lights myself, but when I removed the ceiling fans (I hate ceiling fans), there were way too many wires for me to sort out... seven in some cases. So, I had the electician knock it out. It took his assistant about a minute to install all six... amazing to me.

The major indoor projects that I have left are: (a) finishing the grouting in the shower/bath enclosure, (b) grouting and sealing the kitchen floor, (c) installing the appliances, and (d) building and installing the new Ikea cabinets.

My buddy Tom is coming by today to help with the grouting, and Hans has agreed to come help with the cabinets this week. Thank goodness for friends.