Monday, May 24, 2010

Master Bath

The master bath was really gross. The ceiling had extensive water damage. There was awful vinyl sheet flooring, a cheap vanity, small closet space, a cheap fiberglass shower stall, and a sad little commode. I guess it would be called a 3/4 bath because there was a shower but no bathtub. I wanted Frank to put in a mud floor in the existing shower space, but he had the great idea to bust out the wall between the closet and shower and create one large shower. Here are some progress pics. 

Master Bath Before

New Ceiling Going In

Taking Out the Old Shower and Closet


Jayne said...

I thought I had the smallest shower in the world, at 27" wide, but that one looks worse. Good idea, knocking out the closet wall.

Richard Williams said...

Thanks... Frank, the contractor, is full of good ideas. Somehow they always end up costing me money, though. :-)