Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sally Containment System


One of the first orders of business at the new place was to build a Sally Containment System (SCS). Since Sally is somewhat subterranean, I wanted to fence in the area around and under the deck. This also gives her access to space under the house, which is, when she's not with me, where she really wants to be. She has foiled inferior SCS's before, so I wanted this one to be of high quality. To do that, I hired Piti and his neighbor Chris to build it.


Piti and Chris working on the SCS. 

In the end, the SCS turned out really great. Sally has access to the deck, to the space under and around the deck, to the crawlspace under the house, and to a pooping area on the other side of the deck. The other night, an opossum got into the containment system, and all hell broke loose. While the opossum escaped, it was like Christmas morning for Sally. She snorted and patrolled the perimeter for an hour. 

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Jayne said...

What a great containment system! I need a better one for my little dog. She can squeeze through the holes in the hog panel, even though it's covered with honeysuckle. (The fence predates the dog.)