Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A throne, indeed.

The toilet was installed in the existing bathroom today. I can't describe how excited I am, and honestly, I'd rather not go into the gruesome details of the toiletless last 13 days.

The guy who is going to reglaze the tub came by today, and he seems to really know his stuff. I have read horror stories on line about reglazing, so I'm a little worried about the quality of even the best process. He has me feeling pretty good about it though, and he said he believes the blue tub is original to the house and that it is of a higher-quality than is typically available today. So, I feel pretty good about preserving it.

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Nadja and Sean said...

yeah, we did a happy dance when we got our new "throne". (although we didn't have to do without for 13 days...)
it made a great topic of conversation among our non-houseblogging friends. the lovely elongated bowl, sitting at the perfect "right-height".